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  • Coveralls dùng một lần - Trắng

    Coveralls dùng một lần - Trắng

    Disposable coveralls prevent cross-contamination, especially in environments like healthcare and laboratories where sterility is crucial , particularly to keep hygiene and safety in various industries. They are designed to offer a barrier against numerous hazards such as dust, liquids, chemicals, and biological contaminants. The quality of these coveralls is paramount, as they must provide reliable protection while ensuring comfort for the wearer. High-quality disposable coveralls are made from materials that offers a balance between durability and breathability. For industries dealing with hazardous chemicals or biological risks, specialized coveralls with additional features such as elastic wrists, boot covers, and hooded designs provide comprehensive protection. Recommended for automotive refinishing, waste cleanup and paint spraying. Generously sized for easy movement.  Zip front, elastic wrists and ankles. Available in XL, 2XL and 3X. ‍

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